An Enlightened Bishop: Emily Berquist’s new book on Baltazar Jaime Martínez Compañón and 18th century Trujillo (Peru)

Emily Berquist (California State University, Long Beach) has written an innovative, important, and lovely book on Bishop Baltasar Jaime Martínez Compañón, who wandered around northern Peru in the eighteenth century. But he wasn’t an idle wanderer–he collected plants; sketched people dancing, farming, … Continue reading

Un Obispo Ilustrado: el nuevo libro de Emily Berquist sobre Baltazar Jaime Martínez Compañón (Trujillo, Perú, siglo XVIII)

Emily Berquist (California Long State University at Long Beach) ha escrito The Bishop’s Utopia: Envisioning Improvement in Colonial Peru (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014), un libro innovador, importante y agradable sobre el Obispo Baltasar Jaime Martínez Compañón, quien merodeó por … Continue reading