Tupac Amaru Rebellion – a Kirkus Review

The Tupac Amaru Rebellion‘s first review is out. Kirkus Reviews notes that, while most studies of the Tupac Amaru rebellion are either in Spanish or outdated, Walker’s

straightforward account looks beyond the death of the rebel leader, on May 18, 1781, barely seven months after the start of the uprising, to the subsequent and bloodier foment led by his cousin Diego Cristobal and others during the next year.  Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui Noguera (1738–1781) descended from the royal line near Cuzco; his forebear and namesake, Tupac Amaru, was executed by the conquering Spanish in 1572. His royal ancestry proved a galvanizing force to his leadership among the Quechua people, who believed that another Incan chief was destined to reappear.

Read the review at Kirkus Reviews.

New blog

I’m excited to launch this new blog, my first.  While focused on my new book, The Tupac Amaru Rebellion, I’ll also ruminate about socer/fútbol/Alianza Lima, bikes, Peruvian food, Lima and Cusco, books, Tupac Amaru-Tupac Shakur, and other obsessions.

I hope you like it and share it with friends and colleagues.

Estoy muy emocionado por este nuevo blog personal. Si bien se centra en mi nuevo libro: The Tupac Amaru Rebellion,  también incluirá algunas reflexiones sobre fútbol, Alianza Lima, bicicletas y ciclismo, comida peruana, Lima y Cusco, libros, Tupac Shakur, Tupac Amaru y otras obsesiones.

Espero sea de su agrado y lo puedan compartir con los demás amigos y colegas.